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"Wetland Certificate", 3-Day, (24-PDHs), in-person

This course is for those that want to become "Wetland Delineators."   This course satisfies the requirements for basic wetland delineation training as specified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). After this course you will be able to identify wetlands and streams in the field, you'll also be able to document them, and be able to apply for State and Federal Permitting for any project.  

About our courses:

"A difficult subject taught in layman's terms." 

"You taught the materials in a great and digestible format.  I am confident moving forward that I can identify wetlands."

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  • Flag & Document Wetlands 

  • Write your own Wetland Reports

  • Apply for State & Federal Permits

Who should attend?

Anyone in the Land Development, Land Use, or Oil & Gas industries; Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Professional Architects, Real Estate professionals, Developers, Survey Field Crews, Land Agents, Regulators, Non-profits, and alike.

This course is for those that want to become "Wetland Delineators!"   


"Easy to apply in the field"

"Provided actual hands-on experience!  Class was very engaging and did a good job of taking a difficult subject matter and breaking it down into a 3-day course."

Adult Education Course

Learn with confidence:

Our courses are routinely attended by members of Local, County, and State Agencies.


So, come learn with confidence in knowing you are learning where the Agencies learn.

Includes $100+ in equipment!

We not only provide you with the knowledge & skills you need, but we also provide you with the tools you need to start delineating wetlands upon graduation.


"Workbook will be a tremendous resource for future delineations." 

"The course was great!  It was basic enough for beginners but also there is much knowledge to be gained by an experienced delineator.  The materials provided were great as a starter kit for wetland delineation.  Your workbook will be very helpful moving forward.  Thank you."


Gain real-world experience!

This is a delineation course, NOT a biology-course.  We emphasis field world! 


First we teach you the essential theory in an easy to understand, plain-language approach, with limited biology.  Then we head to the field for hands-on, real-world, field-work.  Lots of it!


Federal & State Compliances:

All training courses are taught in accordance with the current Federal standards for wetland identification in the United States, as stipulated by the Army Corp of Civil Engineers, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

"Very informative Course! "

" The was a very informative course.  A great tool for advancement for anyone who works in the field."

-Rony Waters, Land Agent, Range Resources, Burgettstown, PA


Upcoming 3-Day Course Dates

No upcoming events at the moment

Wetland Delineation Training Certificate Courses & Classes

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