Due to the current Pandemic, in person courses are on hold.   BUT..we are currently working on an online course!!!

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Professional Wetland Training

Welcome to Wetland Boot Camp

Are you an individual looking to expand your career into wetland delineation?


Has your company mandated you to explore wetland education?


Are you simply looking for useful Professional Development Hours (PDH)?

We’re glad you’re here because our courses at Wetland Bootcamp can help you properly identify wetlands and streams for any project. 

We’ve worked with individuals in the oil and gas industry, engineer companies, county conservation districts, and members of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

Our Wetland Bootcamp classes are presented live, in-person, using plain language, limited biology, and our patented field manual. We train you and your team on how to walk more intelligently in the field. After this course, you can easily identify wetlands and streams for all your projects. No more hang-ups and lost profits due to unexpected wetland delineation.

Our one-day course is for those that want the knowledge, but others will be doing the actual field work and writing the reports. This course is great for managers, office staff, and others that may need to understand wetland concepts, but not executing techniques.


Taking this course helps prevent the delayed discovery of wetlands and streams that may kill projects, increase timeline, increase budget, and are generally a headache for everyone involved.

Our three-day course is expanded, including two instructional days in the field.

We’ll teach you the jurisdictional functions of wetland delineation. This course is perfect for those that will be performing the field work, tying the flagging, and writing the reports.

Our Direct Corporate Training is a customized training package for companies that need to train more than five people. We create a custom training program tailored to your team’s needs.

Contact us today for your free wetland consultation to see if Direct Corporate Training is right for you!

Anyone in the Land Development, Land Use, or Oil & Gas industries; Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, Landscape 
Architects, Professional Architects, Real Estate Professionals, Developers, Survey Field Crews, Land Agents, and more!

Our "walk-out-a-delineator-or-its-FREE-guarantee" assures that YOU leave our course with confidence. In fact, a whopping 100% of our students report that "they can now competently determine if an area is a wetland or not" based on our 3-day course.

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Professional wetland Training

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