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Learn how to identify Wetlands and streams in less than 1-hour.
Online Course - $99


"A great starter course!" -Kelsey Q. Jones, PA DEP

  • Easily identify WETLANDS for any project! 


  • Create your own WETLAND REPORTS!

  • Apply for State & Federal Permitting!


Federal & State Compliances:

Wetland Boot Camp satisfies the requirements for basic wetland delineation training as specified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and covers all topics included in the ACOE’s Reg IV Training

Customers Include:


The Top-4 Reasons to earn your "Wetland Certificate" with us:

1) Come learn where the Agencies learn. 

Our trainings are popular with both public and private sectors, alike. County Conservation Districts, the PADEP, and other State and Local Agencies routinely attend our courses. Come join us and learn where the Agencies come to learn!


2) An easy method to use AFTER the course!

Our one of kind WETLAND MANUAL offers you an effortless, clear-cut, and organized way to identify wetlands in the field with just a few simple questions.   With it, you'll swiftly be able to decide if an area is a wetland or not, making it an invaluable resource in the field.

3) Live help with your first Wetland Delineation.

All Alumni receive 2-hours of FREE CONSULTING with our staff of wetland experts. So, if you have any questions or need assistance with your first wetland delineation don't hesitate to call us and talk to a live person.  


4) Alumni success rate!

We take great pride in your successful completion of our courses!   We are so proud to exclaim that a whopping 100% of our students since 2011 have report that "they can now competently determine if an area is a wetland or not, based on our 3-day course. " 

"I highly recommend this class"  Maria Kasecky, P.E.,   Ebensburg, PA

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