One Day Course


A less technical, still field-based, course for those that want the knowledge of how wetlands & streams are identified in the field, BUT others will be performing the actual field work. Perfect for Project Managers, Project Engineers, Surveyors, Developers, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, & Technicians.


Three Day Course


Earn your "Wetland Certificate" in just 3 days! Is perfect for anyone that wants to become a "wetland delineator" and perform the field work; tying the flagging, collecting the data, writing the reports, and applying for permits. Perfect for Engineers, Surveyors, Managers, Project Managers, Landscape Architects, Geologists, Educators, Developers, Painters, Accountants, and more!


Direct Corporate

For organizations that have multiple people that desire wetland training. Whether it's a group of field people that will be doing the field work, or a group of managers and office folks that just want general knowledge, or a combination of both (i.e. If you have 4-Project Managers and 3-Field Delineators) we will customize the course for all your employees, and tailor the course to your exact needs. AND WE WILL COME TO YOU!!


As a permitting team for an E&P company, we are tasked with oversight of many different environmental consulting companies. We take pride in the work we do, and are always looking for ways to improve our technical knowledge and expertise. WETLAND BOOT CAMP provided our permitting team important perspective on current regulations, background on proper environmental delineation procedures and additional comfort with identifying stream and wetland features. The training was tailored to our team of managers, engineers and permit analysts. With the training, we have identified unread for improvement and focus. The training is also excellent team building, and allows for focused conversation on level setting environmental investigations and reports.

Daniel Bitz - Director of permitting for CNX Resources

Professional wetland Training

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