Our Alumni include members of both the private and public sectors. Members of PA DEP, The ACOE, and County Conservation Districts routinely host & attend our courses.

Our "walk-out-a-delineator-or-its-FREE-guarantee" assures that YOU leave our course with confidence. In fact, a whopping 100% of our students report that "they can now competently determine if an area is a wetland or not" based on our 3-day course.

"Very informative and hands-on!"

Sue Sepic, Senior Project Manager, Uniontown, PA

"Includes a lot of useful books and tools!.  I would recommend this course to anyone in the CE or Environmental Engineering field."

Ashley Cassol

Environmental Scientist

Johnstown, PA

"I learned an immense amount."

Kyle S. DeHart, Environmental Compliance, Pittsburgh, PA

"Very informative and hands-on!"

Sue Sepic, Senior Project Manager, Uniontown, PA

"A great starter course! A great introductory course, very informative. Set at at great pace. The guides and supplements were very helpful."

Eric Bordiwick, Env. Tech III
Pittsburgh, PA

"I was amazed at how EASY you made the course. I learned a ton, and am very confident I can now ID wetlands on my own. So glad I took your course. It's much better than more expensive alternatives."

James Cotton, PLS, Professional Surveyor, Pennsylvania

"Lots of field examples. This course gave me an understanding of the areas and situations that I would typically find in our are. I feel that I can go forth and delineate!"

Alex Derdorf, PWD
Valencia, PA

"Course is excellent! I highly recommend this class to anyone needing to ID and delineate wetlands. Well organized and well presented class!"

Maria Kasecky, P.E.
Ebensburg, PA

"Great course for beginners in Environmental Engineering! Field days were very helpful in identifying all components of wetlands."

Josh McKinney, Engineer
Monaca, PA