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Alumni Reviews

Our many Alumni include members of both the private and public sectors.  Our courses are routinely hosted and attended by employees of the PA DEP, as well as employees of local County Conservation Districts, and other local Regulators.  

We take great pride in your successful completion of our courses!   We are so proud to exclaim that a whopping 100% of our students since 2011 have report that "they can now competently determine if an area is a wetland or not, based on our 3-day course. "

"Course is excellent" 

"It is excellent to have Chris guide class participants through the mandatory data then re-phrases the information in the field.  Class, then field.  The class presentation is highly effective."

-Pat Webb, PE, PA DEP, Ebensburg, PA

"A great starter course!" 

"The instructor makes the course simple so that beginners can understand wetlands."

-Kelsey Q. Jones, PA DEP, Ebensburg, PA

"Better than more expensive alternatives"

"I was amazed at how EASY you made the course. I learned a ton, and am very confident I can now ID wetlands on my own. So glad I took your course. It's much better than more expensive alternatives.

James Cotton, PLS, Professional, Surveyor, Pennsylvania

"I learned an immense amount" 

""Great course.  I learned an immense amount."

Kyle S. DeHart, Environmental Compliance, Pittsburgh, PA

"Very thorough & informative!" 

"A great starter course!  A great introductory course, very informative.  Set at a great pace.   The guides & supplements were very helpful."

Eric Bordiwick, Env. Tech III, Pittsburgh, PA

"Highly Recommended!"

"I highly recommend this class to anyone needing to ID and delineate wetlands. Well organized and well presented class!"

Maria Kasecky, P.E.,   Ebensburg, PA

"Includes a lot of useful books and tools!

I would recommend this course to anyone in the CE or Environmental Engineering field."

Ashley Cassol, Environmental Scientist, Johnstown, PA

"Very informative and hands-on!"

The fact that you took us to some many different locations helped the process sink it well.  

Elizabeth N., Environmental Scientist, Cranberry, PA

"Lots of field examples"

"This course gave me an understanding of the areas and situations that I would typically find in our area. I feel that I can go forth and delineate!"

Alex Derdorf, PWD, Valencia, PA

"Great course for beginners in Environmental Engineering!"

Field days were very helpful in identifying all components of wetlands."

Josh McKinney, Engineer, Monaca, PA

"Good Learning Environment!" 

"..not given a lot of information that is not needed.  Only getting the needed information speeds up the learning process."

-Andy Lake, Engineer, Uniontown, PA

"Well balanced between classroom and field education." 

"The class takes the broad definition of a wetland and breaks it down so that they are easier to identify.  This course helped to continue my education in the field of Engineering."

-Ryan Richard, Civil Project Engineer, Uniontown, PA

"Well worth the time!" 

"Chris is very well versed and knowledgeable.  He is very approachable and answers everyones questions.  Class time in the field was very helpful."

-Paul Whealdon, LA., Monroeville, PA

"Now I can prove if an area is a wetland or not!" 

"Before this course I thought I could visually determine if an area was a wetland or not.  Now I know I can prove if it is or not.  Field work, with multiple sites, was great experience."

-Jack McKenna, Surveying Tech., Murrysville, PA

"Field time was very valuable!" 

"Good source of knowledge.  Field work was very good.  Provided a variety of sites and challenges."

-Dennis DeSilvsky, Engineering Tech., Cranberry, PA

"You made wetlands delineation easy to understand!" 

"I am new at wetland delineation.  You made it easy to understand, and I feel confident that I can now ID wetlands in the field."

-Elizabeth McLinny, PG, Houston, PA

"Very informative and hands-on!" 

"This course was very informative and hands on.  The Training Manual was detailed and easy to follow.  The field time allowed us to gain actual experience, rather than just sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture."

-Sue Sepic, Senior Project Manager, Uniontown, PA

"Easy to learn.  Instructor makes the course enjoyable!" 

"Chris is a great instructor that takes the time to make sure everyone learns the necessary essentials to delineate a wetland confidently."

-Ian Bingman, Geologist, Pittsburgh, PA

"Good, Solid Course!" 

"It's nice to go back to the office and recommend a good solid course/class.  It's fast paced, yet very informative. They focus on important topics while still catching the details.  Highly recommended."

-Peter Kanishski, Survey Tech, Baltimore, MD

"Workbook will be a tremendous resource for future delineations." 

"The course was great!  It was basic enough for beginners but also there is much knowledge to be gained by an experienced delineator.  The materials provided were great as a starter kit for wetland delineation.  Your workbook will be very helpful moving forward.  Thank you."

-Tyler Mercer, PennDOT, Bridgeville, PA

"A difficult subject taught in layman's terms." 

"You taught the materials in a great and digestible format.  I am confident moving forward that I can identify wetlands."

-Hajish Rahhem, Engineering Manager, Harrisburg, PA

"Very informative Course! "

" The was a very informative course.  A great tool for advancement for anyone who works in the field."

-Rony Waters, Land Agent, Range Resources, Burgettstown, PA

"Includes a lot of useful books and tools "

" Great review of fundamentals.  Useful take home resources. You get a lot of books & tools for performing delineations." 

-Emily Muzzarelli, Civil Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA

"More in depth that the OJT [on the job training] exercises"

" I will forward to the office manager for future training!"

-Cassandra F., Regulatory Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm excited to get started!"  

"I'm a total newbie when it comes to wetland delineation, but I'm excited to get started!  This course gives you the knowledge and materials to do just that, presented in an intelligently casual manner and with a sense of humor."

- Paula Whitten, Environmental Scientist, Pittsburgh, PA

" I learned an immense amount!"  

"Chris was an encyclopedia of information who presented the course in a logical and highly organized manner.  He kept it light hearted and entertaining, and for  someone new to wetlands, I learned an immense amount.  The materials provided will help me as I move on to start delineating my first wetlands on my own."

- Kyle S. DeHart, Environmental Compliance, Pittsburgh, PA


"Provided a good foundation for anyone interested in wetland delineation." 

-Bob Killinger, Project Manager, Uniontown, PA

"A good addition to a well rounded professional resume."

"The instructor is well informed and distributes his information well.  This class is a good addition to a well rounded professional resume.  It is a growth of information as long as you pay attention and apply your talents to the class efforts.  The hand out materials will be a great asset as we move forward to apply our training in our duties."

-Dallas Leonard, Director of Community Development, Penn Township, PA

"Would recommend to anyone in the Civil or Environmental field."

"Great course. Thanks.  Would recommend to anyone in the Civil or Environmental field."

-Ashley Cassol, Environmental Scientist, Johnstown, PA

"Easy to apply in the field"

"Provided actual hands-on experience!  Class was very engaging and did a good job of taking a difficult subject matter and breaking it down into a 3-day course."

-Bill Roberts, Engineering, Penn Township, PA

"Course is excellent!" 

"I highly recommend this class to anyone needing to ID & delineate wetlands. Well organized and well presented class!"

-Maria Kasecky, P.E., Ebensburg, PA

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