Wetland Bootcamp originated from methods Christopher Nix was already implementing in his daily routine as a Civil Engineer. He developed processes and procedures to make his job more effective. After adapting them into company policies, Christopher quickly realized the information could substantially help others excel in their careers.


Wetland Bootcamp was developed into a training series to help architects, engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants, land developers, and municipal staff avoid time delays and lost profits due to misidentified wetlands and streams. 

We provide an easy-to-understand, non-biological approach to doing wetland delineation, allowing you to quickly identify problem areas. We also provide you with necessary resources and mandatory guidelines to be able to identify wetlands and streams for permitting purposes.

Christopher Nix

Christopher Nix is a practicing Civil Engineer and Environmental Permitting Specialist with over 20-years of experience identifying, delineating, and permitting wetlands and streams in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. His background includes Civil Engineering (PCSM, E&S, & NPDES Permitting) and Ecology expertise (Wetland & Stream Permitting). Christopher offers an easy to understand teaching method and is consistently evaluated as a top-rated instructor.


"A great starter course!"

Kelsey Q. Jones
PA DEP | Ebensburg, PA

"Would recommend to anyone in the Civil or Environmental field."

Ashley Cassol

Environmental Scientist

Johnstown, PA

"Easy to apply in the field.  Course provided actual hands-on experience!  Class was very engaging and did a good job of taking a difficult subject matter and breaking it down into a 3-day course."

Bill Roberts, Engineering, Penn Township, PA