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2023 Virtual "Wetland Certificate" (24-PDHs)




ON-DEMAND! SELF-PACED! EASY, VIDEO- LEARNING! No tests. No quizzes. Just 6-hours of immersive video content. Simply follow-along with our exclusive Wetland Field Manual (available for download/printing), even go outside with us and shadow us on an actual VIRTUAL WETLAND DELINEATION....all from the comfort of your own desk. On your own time, at your pace. Learn our proven and easy step-by-step approach to Wetland Delineation! The same method we us to train the Agencies (PA DEP, County Conservation Districts, & other State and Local Regulators). Virtual Wetland Boot Camp is the same great training course that has been getting rave reviews for many years just offered in an immersive video-based learning experience that allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own time, and even on the go. So just sit-back, watch, listen and learn. After completing the online video course, you will immediately be able to print our your "Wetland Training Certificate" (24-PDFs). Afterwards, if you choose to you can attend an OPTIONAL in-person field day with one of our Professional Instructors to help you hone your new skills - OR - you can choose the "self-study option" and hone your skills on your own.


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