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Wetland Boot Camp (In-person follow-up Course)

Get a certificate by completing the program.




ON-DEMAND! SELF-PACED! VIDEO- LEARNING! Earn your "Wetland Certificate" (24-PDHs) from the comfort of your own desk, and even go on a VIRTUAL DELINEATION. Beta Course* available NOW Virtual Wetland Boot Camp is the same great training course that has been getting rave reviews for many years just offered in an immersive video-based learning experience that allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own time, and even on the go. So just sit-back, watch, listen and learn. After completing the online video course, you will immediately be able to print our your "Wetland Training Certificate" (24-PDFs). Afterwards, if you choose to you can attend an OPTIONAL in-person field day with one of our Professional Instructors to help you hone your new skills - OR - you can choose the "self-study option" and hone your skills on your own. *COURSE TO OFFICIALY LAUNCH 07-03-2023 for $999. Beta Course available NOW, for only $499.....Save $500! The only difference between Beta Version currently available, and official release will be editorial items. All technical information is already included in the beta version.


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