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"A great starter course!" 

"The instructor makes the course simple so that beginners can understand wetlands."

-Kelsey Q. Jones, PA DEP, Ebensburg, PA

PA Wetland & Stream ID 101
FREE 1-Hour Course (On-Demand)

Are you confused about how an empty ditch can be classified as a "stream" or a dry field as a "wetland"? Look no further! This one-hour course will provide you with a better understanding of how state and federal agencies identify and handle land disturbance projects involving wetlands and streams. You can relax and watch the video content without worrying about tests or quizzes. At the conclusion, you'll be given our "Environmental Checklist" and a Certificate of Completion for one Professional Development Hour of continuing education credit.  Just sit back, watch, listen, and learn.

“This course was packed with vital information pertaining to resource delineation, but presented in a way that wasn’t overwhelming and was genuinely entertaining. I highly suggest this webinar!"

-Alison Reynolds, CES

60-Second Preview

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