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Heard of the new "Clean Water Rule"?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

You know about the Clean Water Act. But did you know about the NEW Clean Water Rule? If should start soon! The new Rule drastically changes what is, or is not Federally regulated and could have huge impacts on your project's timeline and budget.

"Some describe the new WoUS Rule as 'a necessary update to the Clean Water Act to assure that all citizens have safe drinking water'; others describe it as "the largest federal land-grab in history." USA Today, 2015

The intent of the 2015 new WoUS Rule is to increase water quality. But there are 4 problems some people are having:

  1. NO new regulations are proposed by the Rule.

  2. There is nothing new you can or cannot do because of this Rule.

  3. The ONLY change is the 'definitions' of what is federally regulated.

  4. Therefore, the EPAs assumption is "if it is federally regulated, then it is cleaner."

This Rule was commented on 1,124,309 times. THE MOST COMMENTED-ON REGULATION IN US HISTORY.

In 2015, the EPA used "Covert Propoganda" to promote the New Rule.

Another "covert move"

Another "covert move"

Huffington Post


The EPA admitting to spending over $64,000 on ThunderClap account getting their work out. Do you see EPA anywhere on this ad?

Get email notifications about updates to the new Waters of the US rule. Just go to this link and look for "sign up for email alerts"

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